Incompany Workshop Business Model You

A one-page method for reinventing your career

Dreaming of a new career or life path? Want to get the best out of yourself, your team or company? But lack a structured way to make it all happen? Replace career uncertainty with career confidence by using the single-page blueprint that's helped thousands of organizations worldwide.

The magic? Consider yourself as a business and create a career based on your interests, strength and personality. Make the next step in your career. Discover how you truly add value to the company. Forget planning, but build a Business Model You!  


It's essential to know your professional value. You, your career and the company you work for al benefit from insightful clarity as it makes perfect input for improvement and new opportunities in a changing workplace.

Business Model is a simple and visual method to describe, reflect and reinvent your personal business model. It's the most important model you'll ever need to know and apply. 


Two half-day in-company workshops with your team. With lots of energy, positivity and practical insights. You and your team will learn how to analyse, reflect upon and revise your personal Business Model.

The participants:

  • Will have more insight and overview of their career.
  • Learn how to find more direction and meaning. 
  • Learn what their true added value is in their career. 
  • Experience more focus through a clearer self image in relationship with their career. 
  • See where the possibilities and improvements are and how to make these happen. 
  • Most of all: will be a more valuable employee.


Teams up to 15 members. Perfectly suited for traineeships or as part of your training curriculum.  
Please tell me your wishes and I'll adjust it accordingly.

What others say.

Fantastic! This definitely works and provides me with more clarity. You are a hero! - Roos.

The discovery of my personal vision was a true eye-opener. I realized that I indeed get satisfaction from my job, and now know how and where I can grow. - Senem. 

Lots a insights, and my opportunities are much clearer, thanks! - Martine

Just so nice to see how all the pieces fit together. - Linda.

Very inspiring and a absolute eye-opener. - Christine.

It's given me a better view of my career, and where the change should be. - Mark. 

Thank you Justin! You've asked me the right questions! I can work with that. - Kirsten

It's simple, I love it! - Patrick


The trainer for this workshop is Justin Junier (as you might have noticed). He has contributed to the Business Model You book. Loves working with Young Professionals, as shown by his track record with 100+ satisfied clients. Speaks both Dutch and English. Last client: Ministry of Security and Justice. 


  1. Fill in the contact form and I'll respond asap.
  2. We can brainstorm in a personal open-ended meet-up about how we can make these workshops as valuable and fitting as possible.
  3. After confirmation of the invoice and payment has been received, I'll provide the workshops with much enthusiasm. 

Keynote? In Dutch? Longer or shorter? Not a problem, please let me know.