Every once in a while, I get caught up with thinking about my daily routine. Since I'm both curious and a maximizer, this isn't a strange thing. I'm convinced that consistency is the key many great things in your life. So I engineer my days to be more or less the same and I try to live up to those standards. At the same time, I'm always looking for ways to do things better. Can I tweak this or that? How about this new habit that I've been hearing about, I should give it a go. But somehow, I always come back to my most influential factors. My go-to move. My favorite music.


I believe that there are factors which always have the biggest impact in someone life. Just a you might have a daily ritual which sets you up in a certain way for the day, there are certain theme's that will set you up for meaningful work and a purposeful life. But, and this is important, although the defining factors are different for everyone, the pool from which to choose from are the same for everyone. Just as within music, there are only a limited number of notes, rhythms and words to choose from. But with these you can make an almost infinite amount of different songs. If you create a certain rhythm, you get Rock music. If you focus on timing of the melody and words, you get Jazz music. But, everyone has his favorite music style. The one you connect with the most. The one that gets you going, lifts you up and always makes you feel great. It's the same with factors that allows you to create an positive impact in your life. 


So which factors allows you to make a positive impact in your life. For me it's exercise and writing. Those two are my 'music styles' which dictate what happens in the rest of my day, week and year. If those are missing, something goes wrong. You could even go further and define your greatest hits within those factors. What am I going to write about? Personal development. What kind of exercise do I like the most? Basketball. The point of this exercise is to get clarity and awareness. Once you make it clear which factors are the most important, you can focus in on them and make them really shine. The rest is bonus points. 

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