Your dreams are not your goals are not your strategies are not your plans

day 6.

We all have dreams, goals and plans. Some way or the other, they are related to each other. But to many times people get confused about what is what, just get going and give up sooner than expected. That's because CLARITY is the most important thing to make anything come to life. And if you are already confused in the semantics, how do know when you've achieved what you wanted? A short explanation. 


Your dreams are your big vision. Your dream are your so called 'WHY'. Why are you doing the work you are doing? The thing is - if you done it right - your dreams can never be achieved. They are more like the pole star. You can move towards it, but can never get there. Thats a GOOD thing, because if you can achieve your ultimate dreams, you will someday stop doing what you are doing. Either because you've arrived at the destination, or given up halfway. And too me, a dream is not really a dream if you ever stop working on it. That's why most dreams are bigger then ourselves, something we want to give or contribute to the world. These fall in the realm of world peace, health or - in my case - better thinking and making a positive impact. Dream are by definition vague and unattainable. 


Your goals are a limited set of intermediate destinations. They can, and hopefully will, be attained. Goals are your 'WHAT'. What do you exactly want to achieve? Most goals are dreams in disguise, because they haven't been made clear yet. Goals can be derived from your dreams, and hopefully align. For example; I want be a full time writer and entrepreneur. (They are not mutually exclusive, although I might still be in doubt which I prefer more). I hope that these things contribute to a better thinking and have an positive impact for humankind.


Strategies are the ways, methods or - I'm starting to sound like school teacher, but bear with me now - paths to your goals. They explain 'HOW' you get their. So you are clear on your reasons why, know what you want to achieve, but how are you supposed to do that? What is your course of action? If I want to become a full time writer, I might start off writing short essays for someone else. Get some income going. Then maybe write my own book and sell my first 100 copies. Then figure out how writing can support my living expanses. Because unless you are JK Rowling, you wont get rich from the income of your books. But mainly what happens after that, like speaking and workshops. Now I don't need to forget to share my work and increase my reach and number of readers. As you might have noticed, these steps describe a path I can follow which lead me to becoming a full time writer: my goal. 


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So your plan is all about Implementation. All of the above are sort of one time things you must figure out, and maybe adjust course along the way. But what are you actually going to 'DO'. How will your actions support all of the above? For me, that's writing every day. Make a connection with readers every day. It's simple, but constructive and supportive to my strategies, goals and dreams. So whatever project you decide to tackle, whatever you are thinking about doing with your life; get clear on these four different parts and you should be good to go. 

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