You might have to let go

day 21. 

Have you ever felt stuck in your working life? If you have a job that's not making you happy but you just can't seem to let go, you are preventing yourself from finding a fulfilling life. And if you don't act, you will stay stuck. Now, that's a bummer.

The shocking reality

Unfortunately, this is not a rare situation among the general population. More than two thirds of the workforce in unhappy with his or her work. This goes for all ages, educational background or salary level. Shocking, really. But what's ever more shocking, is that you are completely in control of your work situation but don't take control. That's right, you are choosing to be unhappy. Maybe not consciously, but on some level you are not letting your inner self speak truly. This is hard, but necessary in order for you to grow.

The simple but hard solution

What I notice is that half the time people don't want to let go of their work. They are clinging on to their old expectations, wishes and goals. But most of them were formed a long time ago and weren't exactly well thought out in the first place. But since the work is OK, you get paid and life is always changing so you get stuck. It's understandable, but dangerous. A simple solution.

The first step is always awareness. Start writing down why you started your current work. What were your expectations, dreams and desires? Are they still a guiding factor in your life or are they not serving you anymore? The second step is letting go. This is difficult, and there doesn't exist a uniform step by step proces suitable for everyone. Acceptance, time and rest are ingredients that work the best for me. Your job is to figure out how it might work for you. Strangely, If you feel an emptiness arising you are on your way. 

Because the magic happens in this created vacuum. When you let go of something old, you'll automatically create a place for something new. You stop thinking too much and start feeling. You'll start listening to your true self and you have trust this process. Because it will take some time, and you might find something old or new, but it will have more of you. And that's all you can ask for.   

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