You might be preventing other people from growing

day 23.

Meet Johan. He is 32 years old and works in a management position for a small company where he started 12 years ago. He's been in this position for eight years, but really lost his drive about four years ago. He decides to stay on because it pays the bills and he's got a family to take care off. Everyday he comes home exhausted. Now meet Lizze. A enthusiastic and capable woman of 25 who is showing promise. She would love to grow into a leading position in the same company. 

Your lack of action prevents other people from growing

The problem as you might have noticed, is that Johan is preventing Lizze from growing. He should have been gone at least three years ago but decided to stay. His lack of action does not only prevent his own growth and happiness, but also that of someone else. If he took action and found better work, Lizze could step up in his place. And someone else could fill Lizze's place.  

Keep moving forward

This is a made up story, but that doesn't mean it's not reality. This situations happens to often in different forms. One persons decided to not take action or growing - despite the obvious - hindering the growth of someone else. Johan's fear of stepping into the unknown is real, but the negative consequences in his own and other people's lives should be a bigger factor. So yes, feel guilty if you are Johan. I hope this gets you moving, and thats better for everyone.

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