You haven't found it yet, nor ever will.

day 22.

You are a quitter. Yes, you are. You are quitting when you are not there. You mistake the temporary stop for the end station. You are not there yet. Not by a long shot.

You have not found it, nor ever will.

Don't make the mistake that you think you found it. Because you didnt. Dont think you have it all figured out, because you don't. You can never figure it out. The journey just never stops. And thats a GOOD thing. Because its makes you hungry. It keeps you active. It keeps you curious, and focused at the same time

Don't settle.

Settling keeps you from growing. Settling keeps you from feeling alive. Settling makes you a living zombie. Thats what we all want on a certain level, because it's nice and comfortable. I know what I want, and now I'm done with the search. But no, you are not. If you want a fulfilling life. If you want to create meaningful work. You're never done. You always keep looking. Keep exploring. Keep going. Until you can't do it anymore, and then some.

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