You don't have one true calling, you can find meaningful work in different places.

day 17.

There exist a almost hardwired populair belief that your calling can only be found in one place. That there exist one body of work which encompasses your one true story. This is a myth strengthened by all of the hero stories out there. But it's just that, a myth. You can find meaningful work in different places. 

You don't have one true calling

Yes, there may be one direction that you find really interesting and might be your calling for now. It's even advisable to focus on one core project, job or direction for now to test your hypothesis. But the reality is that is very hard and almost impossible to first find this one calling and then actually follow it for the rest of your life.  Even the most celebrated people who found their calling weren't doing just one thing. For example; Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, inventor, philosopher, engineer, scientist, writer, composer and probably some other things we didn't knew about. In more recent times, Steve Jobs might look like he had one true calling - creating the most beautiful apple computers - but his story is different. He had a serious affection for eastern mysticism, yoga and even run the animation studio called Pixar. People change in there lives, things happen and so you might too. You don't have one true calling, and you can find meaning in different places. 

Living a Portfolio life

When you sigh a breath of relieve that you don't have just one gift to the world, you can start and broaden your horizon. There is more than one place in which you'll find meaningful work and this can express itself in two different ways. First, you can explore different kinds of work at the same time in your life. Jeff Goins calls this in his book 'The art of work': a portfolio life in which you have salary work, home work and charity work. These are simultaneously present in your life, but are not the same and don't all bring in money. But, and here is the lesson, they are all meaningful to you. The second way is that your calling changes over time. In my life, I was really into classroom teaching. And I still am in a way, but this is gradually shifting more towards writing. In the end the result might be the same for the receiver, namely learning something useful. But the form in which I express myself has changed, and will automatically also change the message. It's kind of the same but different. So in your life, don't be to caught up with finding your one true calling, 'thing' or work. Look for different places in which you'll find meaning, and embrace your portfolio life. This will make everything simpler, more meaningful and fun. 

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