Why work is not always about work

day 30

My work is awesome. Not because I created it for myself. Not because do what I'm pretty good at. Not because it provides me with freedom and income. No, it's about the impact I have in other people's life. To be more precise, the impact WE as a team have in other people's life. That's worth more than everything else together.


When we are working with other people it doesn't feel like work. Sure it's the essence of my work, but I tend to forget that at times when sitting alone behind my laptop. Sweating away and dealing with tedious, urgent but stressful stuff I sure wonder why the hell I was doing this. I tend to get lost in my own worries when this sometimes lasts for day. Not until I meet with a client or get an 'thank you' email I snap out of it. Then I remember that my work is not about work, but hopefully about the positive impact in people's life. 


Think about it. What is your work about? But now what is it really about? Because work is not always about work. The most important stuff is always related to other people. Write it down and read it when you forget. It will make your work so much more meaningful. 

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