Why and how you should write a 1000 words a day

Things start happening if you do the same thing every single day. It’s like magic. I don’t know how exactly, but the compounding effect is enormous. It’s like clockwork. First the going is slow and painful, but in the end you’ll get massive rewards. It’s the ultimate example of declining a reward now for the benefits later. So if you are interesting in creating anything really, you should start today and continue for the rest of your life. That way you will finally get what you want. 


Well, it’s simple but at the same time really hard: You show up every single day. You knew that already, right? You do the work, get it done and go home. But in this relatively simple strategy lies a big problem. We don't want to show up every day. We like to sleep in, eat more than we should, watch a lot of Netflix and do it over next day. I'm as guilty as anyone. So there is more to it, but overcoming this obstacle is 80% of the work. So your task is figuring out HOW you can show up every day. Which interference mentally, physically and emotionally do you need to remove so it becomes almost effortless? When you've figured that out, you are halfway there. 


If you are like me, you'll start tomorrow. Except, you won't. The inspiration will be gone, the clarity of what to do will be vaguer and you won't think it's important any longer. I know. I've been there a 100 - if not a 1000 - times. I can be long and short about it, but the answer is all the same. Get in action mode NOW. Get it done NOW. Not tomorrow, today. You'll feel confident, create momentum and will be energized to get back to it again tomorrow. So, what are you waiting for?