What's your one millimeter?

I stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before me. Because everything anyone thinks off has been adapted or is based upon idea's and insights from others before him. The same goes for me. I remember several moments in my life when the results were far off from my wishes. No matter what I seemed to do, I still ended up so far off that I didn't believe I could make it. Do you recognize this feeling? Well, it might be that you are just one millimeter off. 


I remember my high school manual labor classes very well because I've enjoyed them immensely. There was something visceral about working with my hands instead of just my head that I thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes I still envy people who do manual labor for a living, and then my neck starts to hurt and I'm back to reality. Anyway, we always had to draw out a piece of, let's say woodwork, on paper before we started sawing. This was somewhat tedious but important work, because I had to be very precise and that was not one of my strong points. But in one of those frustrating moments my teacher told me an important lesson not only in woodwork but also in life. When one of my lines was way off again he told me: "It's only one millimeter, not at the end but at the beginning. If you start your line just one millimeter off from the starting point, it could be one centimeter at the end." My first thought was: "No way, is it this simple?" Obviously it was.


What seemed like a simple trick to draw a straight line turnes out to be a valuable life lesson. When your efforts seems to have have a undesired effect, you might be just one millimeter off. Your job is to go back to the beginning and look and where you deviated, start over or adjust course. This is a powerful believe system. It makes change small and easy instead of next to impossible. So if you are looking to make an impact in your life, what's your one millimeter? 

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