This might seem obvious

Look, it's me posing an obvious question. 

Last night I've run a great - If I may say so myself - workshop for a group of Young Professionals on the topic of Business Model You (watch this clip if you are not familiair with this method). Luckily I remembered that I'm writing a book about impact, although I was quite weary from spraining my ankle. I thought of a mini research question on the fly and posed the question to my willing audience: "Which factor of the Business Model You has made the biggest impact in your career?" The answers might not surprise you. 


That's right. Obviously there wasn't ONE factor or variable to rule them all. That's a shame really, would have made my job much easier. Find the one variable, write a book about it, be done with it. Alas, things don't work out that way because the answers I got back were pretty much all different. Where one person was most influenced by his direct collegea's, others were most affected by the chance to express their true self. But on the flip side this is a great opportunity to get to the bottom of the matter. I'm convinced there are factors which have a bigger impact then others. I just need a bigger sample size and be patient. Wax on, wax off.  


Next is...I don't know. Well I do know but don't want to make such a big deal out of it. Need to do writing and structural interviews. Once I get a solid base going I can start making some real progress. But the base is the most important thing off all, so I'll be focusing on that first. My first goal is creating framework of ten factors which I've distilled through some subjective form of factor analysis. Which means I need to interview as many people as possible in the coming weeks. You can help me RIGHT NOW by answering the following question below in the comments:

"Which factor has made the biggest impact in your life and career?"

If you need some guidance. Think of every mayor 'thing' that happened in the last five years that you had control over and made a positive impact. Which factors were in play? Thanks.

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