The struggle is real!

day 16.

Are you feeling lost in your search for meaningful work? I know I did. For four years, I had absolutely no clue about what kind of work was best for me. Now some people can live with that. Just do your job and don't complain, you're here for the money. But not me. I needed more. I wanted to find meaningful work which would make me happy. 

I found meaning in the struggle. 

During this time of struggle, I've tried and done a number of things. One of which was that I started doing research about this proces. I tried to answer a couple of questions, like; When are people the most happy in their work? (When its fits) What is the most important element? (self-knowledge) And how do you actually get awesome work right now? (You create it for yourself) I really enjoyed it, and found meaning in this process. In addition to conducting research, I started writing. It started with small blog post, which turned into an e-course, which turned into a book. All in the span of about two year, I created my own awesome work. 

You are closer than you think. 

If you are feeling lost in your search for meaningful work, you might be closer than you think. I never knew I was creating work along the way. I just did what made sense, what I thought would be useful and meaningful for myself. But of course, something that is useful for yourself is also useful for someone else. This is very obvious for myself right now, but not at that time. There wasn't even a hint that this might actually become my work. But somehow, someway. It worked. I was closer than I thought, and I'm thankful for the struggle. Otherwise, it might not have brought me where I am today. 

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