The only self improvement question you should ever ask yourself

day 15.

So you're into this self improvement thing right? Reading a lot of personal development books, subscribing to newsletters like crazy and taking on new challenge's? All to become our best possible self? Me too, and we rock. But if you are a bit like me, it's hard to do this on a day to day basis. You're busy with 'normal' work, need to exercise and have a family. So when does this growing phase actually happen? How can you put it to practice and measure your progress? 

The struggle

I'm on this constant struggle to both fulfill my potential, but also have time to rest and enjoy the ride. Who doesn't? A lot of things happen naturally for me. Like reading interesting articles, starting awesome projects or helping other people. But I struggle to see improvements. Not that they are non-existing - because I'm sure they are - but it's difficult to measure progress for something abstract as 'personal growth'. Since I'm a more process oriented kind of guy, this is a bit frustrating. 

The power of everyday

Recently I've been reverting to building more everyday habits, for example my everyday writing quest. Some time ago, I felt a big resistance to doing a task everyday freaking day. It felt too much as an obligation, a burden on my everyday life. But since I've given it a shot, my opinion has completely changed. This structure provides me with freedom, instead of the expected limitations. Because I don't have to think about it and just do it (most of the time), I also don't have to worry about it. This is big. The added bonus is - this is best part - that I feel so much motivation. Everyday satisfies my need for a simple process and more progress. 

Are you doing better than yesterday?

So how do you apply this to something vague as personal development? Well, for starters I read and learn something new everyday. But at the end of the day, or somewhere along the way, I ask myself one question: Am I doing better than yesterday? If the answer is yes, I try to figure out what that was, how I can continue and do a little celebration dance. If the answer is no, I figure out why and try to change. Either way, I get better. I improve. Just give it a go for a week. You'll experience the simpleness, and after that you're hooked. 

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