The best book ever

day 22.

If you are a bit like me, you love reading books. Plowing through pages and pages, stacks and stacks. It's one of the better feelings in the world. I love the smell of paper. It always feels I'm entering a new realm of possibilities when I open a new book. All those thoughts and insights are waiting for me. So whenever I can get my hands on a new book, I get excited. Recently, I might have found the best book ever.

Your own book is the best book

Yes. The book ever is the book you'll write yourself. Kind of tricked you into reading this blogpost, didn't I? That's the magic of a good story. That's the power of writing. The best thing about writing is that you can convert your thoughts into a concrete story other people can benefit from. Only your audience can judge how good a book is, but your own book is the best book for your personal development.

Five reasons why you should write your own book

I have finished and published my first physical book this month. It's been one hell of a ride, but there are some great insights I learned about my drives, skills and life in general. Five reasons why you should write your own book.

1. You can help other people.
Although I mainly write for myself, and so should you, I love helping other people. But only in a way I enjoy. There are numerous people that 'want to help other people' as their job, but this can be achieved through different channels. Writing your own book will help you define your preference of interaction, as it did for me.

2. It's liberating.
To write down your thoughts. Give them a place and order. Get out of your head and on paper. It's freeing in a non slave type way. Should give it a try.

3. You'll be an author.
Everyone thinks you're cool. You'll be invited to special author meetings. If there is a serious ego boost, it's this. I'm being a bit sarcastic of course, but it's still really awesome.

4. You'll open doors to new opportunities. 
If you are willing to work for it, a book can be a gateway. Speaking and workshop arrangements will present itself. You can contact the big companies and have something to show for. Still have to experience effect for the fullest, but I'm already feeling this effect. 

5. You'll be an expert.
You never have to explain yourself again, just give them your book. If you're a freelancer or entrepreneur in some way, you'll be taken serious from the start. You can charge higher prices without any second thoughts. Good times. 

Stop waisting your time

So stop waisting your time, and start writing your own book. If you love reading, you'll also love writing. It took me a couple of years to understand that, but if you start now you'll thank me later. 

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments below.