Start your side project TODAY

day 31

All my best work has started as a side project. Work that wasn't necessary to do at that time, but still fun and meaningful. I've started my business as a side project, wrote a book as a side project and even started giving workshops as a side project. Makes me wonder if I should do normal work at all.


The beauty of a side project is that you have no pressure to perform. Because it isn't normal work, you get to focus on the essential, creative and important stuff and are not hindered by expectations. My best work happens when I get to focus on MY work. This may start as a hobby and could progress into something bigger, although it's not necessary. But it can evolve into your main body of work, your calling or even your vocation. And when it does, you'll be thankful for that day that you started.


If you are searching for more meaningful work but haven't found it yet, you better get started today. Because you never know what your true vocation is until you are doing it. And side projects are great experiments to discover more about who you are and what's important to you. You'll find your own way, which might someday lead to something bigger. So start your side project today and see what happens! 

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