So, I guess I need stories now?

So with this whole book writing thing I'm already hitting the first roadblock. Where the heck do I get all the awesome stories from? Maybe I should start with setting the topic and expectations. Get some questions going, followed by a deep analysis of common patterns and strategies. Then deciding on a framework and tinkering on from there. Sounds good, next goal: 50 stories in which you've made 10x more impact in your or other people's life. But I need you help!


A couple of guidelines. This may be about yourself or someone else. Not every guideline is necessary to be viewed as relevant. The questions apply to the main character of the story. 

  • Young Professional ( <40 )? 
  • The big overarching theme and result was more 'Impact'.
  • Some transformation in which the main character had or took control?
  • It's interesting and makes for a good story (obviously). 

That's it!! If you have a suggestion and want to be part of the book making process, please connect with me. 


I've promised you to share every step along the way, both the proces and the content. I'll be starting with writing after this blogpost. It really doesn't matter that I don't have a framework or any story yet. It's just an excuse to not write. It really helps to just get my thought about the subject on paper and see where it goes from there. I'm not to worried about anything right now then just getting going. So don't wish me luck but keep me accountable.

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