Set yourself up for success

day 45

I've failed. I didn't write a blog post for the last few days, although I was supposed too. Shame. Yes I've been away for a couple of days - nothing fancy, just needed to relax and be own my own - but that's not an excuse. I've failed because I didn't set myself up for success, and now I regret it. 


I didn't take my laptop and intended to write on my phone. Stupid and I should have known better. I have never ever written anything on my phone before, so why should now be any different? It's a great example about how intentions and goals are necessary but not sufficient to reach succes. I got the mindset right ( I'm a writer, and writers write ) and my goal ( write everyday ), but didn't think through all the strategies on how to make this happen. So I failed, and so will you if you forget to set yourself up for succes. 


On normal days, it's easy to reach your goals. If you got your mindset right and a big compelling goal, you'll probably get there with some simple strategies. But when times are difficult or life deviates from the standerd, you need solid strategies to push through. Even a simple vacation disrupted my plan. So really think through different scenarios and ask yourself: I'm I setting myself up for succes of failure? This small moment of awareness wil make the difference. 

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