Find your rhythm

Remember a time when everything in your life was good. Whatever you did, everything just seemed to happen naturally. You were productive, eat well and exercised. The smallest input generated tons of output. The best part was that you didn't really think about it, it just happened. This is called rhythm, and its a stated where every part in your life is syncing with the rest. Like a well directed orchestra, the sum seems more beautiful than the parts. 


Most of what we want out of life all comes down to the same thing. We want to be productive but also well rested. We want a healthy body but also some snacks when its not too bad. We want a healthy relationship but don't want to force things. We want to save the world but also relax on the couch sometimes. Most off all, we want it all without costing us our lives. Which is weird in a sense, because this IS our lives. Anyway.

Finding rhythm in your life makes this all possible. It's a state of flow which empowers you and you empower it. Finding it is easy because you only have to listen to your life and your intentions and follow accordingly. But at the same time adding, adjusting or taking away instruments, volume or even the audience. Your life is the same as music, it's both a science and art. You have rules that can be followed, but at the same you have to improvise. 


A life with rhythm isn't a balanced life. Balancing feels unnatural and forced. No, it's doing what feels naturally and at the same time keeping up with the tempo. Adjusting to the melody and feeding the crescendo. But always making and listening to your own song. When you get the hang of it, it's important to keep it. Constant awareness will do the trick, because you will notice when you get off course and can adjust. But finding rhythm is the key to make all those positive things happen in your life. Good luck.