You don't need one thing

day 62

For quite some time I though I could only have 'one thing'. One profession, skill or - heavens forbid - one passion. They tricked me so bad I even preached 'finding your passion' for some time, but quickly came back to that. Boy have I been wrong. Now I know that I don't have, need or even want one thing anymore. I accept the fact that once I mastered some 'trick' I quickly move on. 


I'm convinced we all have multiple interests, skills and values. We change and our lives changes with us. We can develop different skills at the same time or in sequence. We can have a steady and maybe boring job with a growing hobby on the side. We can go deeper or broader within one realm of knowledge. It's all possible, and none of those is wrong. Whatever you fancy. 


Now the thought of having one thing stresses me out. It took some time to get over the feeling of being a quitter. But I realize this is me growing and moving on to something which serves me better. I might be fooling myself, but it's all in the perspective. We don't need to worry so much about finding, doing or needing one thing. As long as you are having a good time, you are growing and can pay the bills who cares? I don't.