One missed day is not so bad, is it?

day 51

I've failed miserably for the last two weeks. I've missed the last five days of writing, and four more before that. So much for my yearlong writing quest. The causes are the usual suspects of being 'busy', fear and not following up on my habit. But most off all, it's that voice in my head saying: "It's not so bad to miss a day, is it?" But as always, the voice in my head has got it all wrong. 


Let's say you've got a great habit going. Exercising twice a week, not eating any unhealthy food or writing every day. Now let's say once a week you miss a day, it's not that bad right? It's only 14% of the total. But that missed day adds up to 52 missed opportunities a year. Or even worse, a missed year every seven year. A WHOLE YEAR! I miss a year of learning, growth and impact because the voice in my head - called fear - said it would be ok. Damn. I don't know about you but this is shocking to say the least. 


Missing is day is a big deal. But the key is that you are not aware of the direct pain of missing a day. But how about I take 14 years of your life away? Or 14% of your income? Or maybe 14% of your sleep every night, that's about one hour. How would you feel then? Because that's what you are doing if you are missing a day. 

Personal development might feel as only a bonus, something that's added in your life but doesn't take anything away, right? False. It's the start, ending and everything in between. It's the one and only way to create meaningful work and a purposeful life. Not investing in it in a consistent way takes away your life. 

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