I'm never lucky, damnit!

day 56

Everybody knows someone who is always lucky. It doesn't matter what they seem to do, luck is always on their side. While you struggle to get through life, it looks like they dance their way into success after success. Bastards. If you 100% agree with the above, it might be time for a change in your mindset. Because you can create your own luck, and it's not that hard.


The bad news is that 'lucky people' do and things differently in their lives. The good news is that these factors are in your complete control. You can learn and apply them just as easily as they did. The first of the three basis strategies is opening your eyes to possibilities. Everyday luck comes your way, but you don't see it coming. Start focussing on lucky breaks and they will come. Second, you need to frame your life events in a positive way. You are already lucky to be where you are. If you are more grateful, you will experience more luck. And third, you need to get into action. The more you do, the higher the chances are of you stumbling upon your next lucky break. 


Luck is in your control. Focus on opportunities, see life in a positive way and get into action. You will me luckier if you do.