Get lost on purpose, with purpose

day 43

Sometimes people get lost, but not always on purpose. They find themselves in a place in which they have no clue on what to do next or even how they even got there. This is a shame. Because getting lost can be insightful, beneficial and even fun. As long as you get lost with purpose. 


Getting lost is easy. Just don't follow up with your habits, don't keep your promises and don't be conscious about this process. Getting lost literally is even easier, just get out of your door and don't look back. Before you know it, you don't know where you are. Both can be fun, as long as you know what you want out of it. Are you quitting old habits? Great. Have you made promises that no longer support your life? Awesome. Want to explore your neighbourhood to get a lay of the land? Go for it, get lost. The difference is in the moment of conscious decision to get lost. 


Unfortunately, people get lost without purpose and don't know what happened to them. Then when shit hits the fan, they blame the circumstances they created for themselves. But worst of all, they miss an opportunity for growth and change. Because when you set out to discover something new about you or the world, you have to get lost on purpose. But at least you know what you can expect, where you are heading and what to learn from it. So go on, get lost and do it on purpose.  

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