I'm writing another book!

Yes, that's right. I will write another book in the coming year or so. For those of you who don't know, I've already written one before in Dutch. It's for Young Professionals who want to discover what they really want in their career. You can find it here. This time I will be deviating from my previous book and learning from that experience. The target market still is Young Professionals and the topic will be 'Impact'. For today that's as broad I'm allowing it to be. I want to decide on a more comprehensive description later on. 


  • Well written. In english, with prober sentences and a decent structure. 
  • Narrative driven. Great stories with a couple of lessons woven through. 
  • Openly shared. I'll share both my progress and as much as possible from the content to gather feedback while I'm writing and get some much needed accountability.
  • Not so deadline driven. My last book was very last minute work and I made some mistakes. While I do have to set a deadline somewhere in the coming months, I'm starting out just focusing on the work for now.
  • Double checked.  For all those typos and errors I'll undeniably make.
  • Steadily marketed. By openly sharing each day what, why and how I'm doing things you'll be part of the process. My hope is that that attention and contribution will convert into higher sales than my last book. I'll try to be transparant about every decision I make in the whole process, Including how I'm marketing and selling.
  • A great succes?? Who know what succes may mean, I'll have to determine the exact definition later on in the proces. 
  • Self published?? Done that once, has some great advantages. Leaning towards it right now but will decide later on. 


The scenario of my last book was as follows: Me writing by myself, not sharing that I'm working on a book. Setting a deadline and a launch party. Selling 50 copies in the first week. After which the sales declined until a steady couple of books per month. Interesting, but not what I'm after. Since the topic of the book is 'Impact' - and I do also want to make a big impact with my books - I want make this the best work that I'm capable of in this moment. I'm not the biggest author (yet) but I'm getting better and determined to do a great job. 

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I was wondering though, does this make me a official author..?