If you are lost, you are on the right path

day 27

The lives of 'genius' people are fascinating. I'm currently reading the book Mastery by Robert Greene in which he explains the path to - you've guessed it - Mastery. He describes the lives of what we call 'geniuses' over the last couple 100 years. Leonardo, Mozart, you name it. The author tries to dissect their succes in retrospect and draws important lessons for the rest of us. One thing that I noticed is that all the geniuses were all lost at one point in their life, without exception.


A great example is that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A child prodigy at very young age, he was under the strict influence of his father. For years he played standard compositions for royal audiences, but he secretly dreamt of composing his own pieces. At the age of 21 he was sent to Paris to find a position as a conductor, still having to fit in to please his father. Eventually he lost his mother to illness and felt literally lost in his life. Little did he know that this dissatisfaction - understatement - in his life would be the fire he needed to compose his own opera's. When he moved to Vienna and broke with his father this fire would burn for many years, eventually becoming one of the greatest composers of all time. 


If you are feeling lost, if you can't seem the find your way, you are on the right path. Because feeling lost will drive you to find your own way. To discover your true purpose. This isn't always fun, but it's always valuable and clarifying. It's not that bad after all. 

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