How to find - create - your dream job

Let me start of on a honest note. Finding your dream job is simple but hard work. I know because I've been there, and still am. I'm always thinking about how I can make my work more fun, fulfilling and impactful. This process is not something to be taken lightly, although a lot of people expect it to magically happen in three months. They think they if they do enough job interviews the job will come to them. It doesn't work like that because at best you have to create your own job, regardless if you are an entrepreneur or not. 


1. Self knowledge
'Know Thyself' is more than just fodder for a inspirational quote. It's the truth that everybody is to busy to apply. But even I am working every single day to better understand what I think is important, what I want and what I have to give to the world. Clarity of who you are what you are capable of is the starting point of every dream job. 

2. Becoming really good
Once you have a solid base, you need to grow. You need to take everything you've learned - and them some - and start becoming really good at one or two things. Not just decent, no off the charts good. No pressure, but that's the only way you'll build career capital which you can trade in for decisions in the direction of you dream job. 

3. Relationships
No good can be done alone. You'll need to build sufficient relationships with other people in order for you to enjoy your work. Even if you're an introvert like me, you'll need quality relationships as a way to express you worth. Because the more value you give the other people, the more you'll get back in return. Those things in return - like fulfillment, freedom and fun - are putting the 'dream' in to the 'job'. 


You'll never find your dream job, you have to create you dream job over the years. With a bit of patience, luck and the right strategies you'll get there. Although there really isn't a 'there'. Once you reach a certain milestone you'll naturally want to look for the next step. In my humble experience of life a bit of Grace is the best way to enjoy your work. It's simple, but even I keep forgetting. So it's okay if you do sometimes, just remember why you started this adventure.