How to hack your ideas for world domination

day 28

I must admit, I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert. The difference is that although I experience an immense pleasure of being with other people, I always need time alone to recharge. This doesn't hinder my work, it's just a distribution of my time. I'm on my best when I'm working alone towards a big goal like a book, course or business. But in order to fulfill my purpose, I need to get out into the world. I can't be alone all the time, I must share my ideas in order to change the world. 


You can only go so far when you are alone. For all of mankind, anything extraordinary has not been accomplished in a vacuum. Even those well known lonely genius stories always had someone helping him or her. Especially if you think you can do everything alone - like me sometimes - you need share your most important work. Your ideas have limited power when kept to yourself, but your thoughts get unlimited power when shared. 


I know that sharing your thoughts, ideas or purpose is scary. Even after writing a couple 100 blog posts and a book, I still can't seem to shake that feeling just before pressing publish. What will other people think of me? How will they react? But that's resistance holding you back from doing the uncomfortable, but right, thing. I'm always feeling like an idiot for maybe not sharing when I get positive feedback from those who care. But most important off all, my ideas gets spread and has the potential to change the world. So start sharing your ideas.

It's like a crazy video game hack, it's feels unfair but you win always win the game.