What makes a great day?

day 34

You have bad days, 'OK' days and you have great days. But do know you know what makes the difference? Is it something that just happens to you or are you in control? Are you lying in your bed wondering how today turned out to be so bad, or are you setting up a great day in advance? If you have no clue what so ever, you better start paying attention. 


There are signs and patterns that determine what constitutes a great day from a 'OK' day. These always present but almost never obvious hints can be found by paying attention. A good start is to end every day by writing down the great and not so great elements. Over time you will find these patterns in moments of reflection. The awareness of these patterns will contribute to your ability to shape the next day to be great. 


Today is already under way, but tomorrow is still open. Use the awareness of your 'greatness' patterns to make tomorrow better than today. When you create a couple of great days you'll find yourself having a great week. Use this momentum to extend it to a month or year, and before you know you have created for yourself a great life. But first, start paying attention to today. 

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