Get Buckets

day 10.

Do you know that feeling when you're supposed to work on a project, but don't feel like it? That nagging feeling that you can do it, but somehow it doesn't get out of your head. That you want to succeed so badly, but don't know how? That's when you should get buckets. 

Get what?

Buckets son! A shout out we use in basketball when you are so confident, you know you're going to score. You've acquired this confidence through experience and practice. But most of all, it's a state of mind in which you tell yourself you will make it happen. There is absolutely no doubt that you will succeed. Maybe it will bounce off, but that's not what you are thinking about. That's not what you are communicating to yourself and the world. Because when you say you will 'get buckets', you will get buckets. 

So how do you get buckets?

First of all, not everyone gets buckets the same way. That is, feeling confident in your unique way. So stop for a moment and ask yourself: When do I pretty much always feel confident? Get very clear on this moment. Because the trick is that you will transfer this feeling of confidence, onto other moments that you feel a bit uncertain. The only thing you will need is a strong sentence - like 'get buckets' - that describes this ultimate feeling of confidence and will act as a medium. So after you've giving this some thought, decide on a strong, short and confident sentence. 

Now the magic happens, hopefully.

Every time you feel this uncertainty creep up, think of your own phrase. Say it. Mean it. It will help you to remember what is means to feel confident. And, hopefully, you will just feel a little bit more confident. You will resist the urge at first and it may feel a bit weird. Accept that is a bit strange, really believe it and do it anyways. The effect will become more powerful over time, and can be nice little hack to improve your confidence. Good luck, and get buckets!

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