Fool yourself to be more productive

We all would want it. Being more productive. Getting more done. Having a bigger impact. Especially me, I hate being unproductive and want to have a meaningful day. Recently I've stumbled across a little trick I've taught myself. I fool myself by cramping a lot of work into a small period of time, ahead of the actual work time. So instead of putting a task in one time block, I do 10 or 20% of the work in the time block before. Although it may only be 20% of the actual work, I feel like I did 80% of the stress. This leads to me getting more done, but more importantly I've been experiencing more peace of mind. 


First, get clear on what you want to achieve for a certain task of project. Second, get a quick head start the day or time block before your actual planning. So if you planned to get going on task B after lunch, start with it before lunch and after task A. Third, don't bother too much with the quality but just get going. Fourth, don't stop until you hit a certain marker you've set earlier like a number of words or general concept. Fifth, stop or take break. After this I notice than I'm set for the rest of the ride. As long as I get the first draft, version or basics out of my head I'm good. I can sort off relax and finish it in a normal pace. This first draft is most of the time a complete mess, but that's alright. I can continue the next day or after my break with more peace of mind and it ends up being of a greater quality with less stress. Win-Win.


Whatever you do, don't take yourself or productivity to serieus. It's a game you should play. Maybe I don't even spend less time on the total task, but it's of a better quality and with more peace of mind. In my book, that's being more productive and having more fun. Enjoy.