You can't make the fifth step before the first step

day 61

I'm super impatient. I always think five steps ahead. And it always stresses my out. This is true for when I'm running or cycling, but certainly when it affects my work and life. No matter where I'm now, in my mind I'm already at the destination. Focusing my attention around the next bend, and the next and the next. It just won't stop. 


I always have to remind myself that I can't take the fifth step before the first step. This may sound obvious - which of course it is - but think for yourself how often you do this. Sometimes this prevents me from enjoying the ride, the view and my life. Even worse, I don't want the take the first step because I'm already thinking about the fifth step. 


The lesson is to be patient, focus on the next step en don't loose sight of the last step. You will get there, but not before you took the first step. I know you can do it.