Finding awesome work is hard, and that's a good thing

day 68

I used to have this notion that if you could do X, Y and Z you would find or create awesome work. Which in a sense is true. Start by discovering your unique value, begin experiments and stick with it. I didn't realize this process takes much longer than expected, and that it's very hard work. But that's a good thing. 


If it's easy, everybody would do it. You may have heard that one before, and it's true for most things in life. Because finding awesome work is simple, doesn't mean it's easy. So don't expect to hit the sweet spot in a month or two. Not only will this not work and leave you disappointed, but make you feel so frustrated that you quit. Which is never good! 


If finding awesome work is hard, and hard work is necessary, what's the best thing to do? Well, you not only work hard but also work smart. Makes sense, right? This means thinking about the hard work you doing. Setting goals and applying the right strategies. Tracking progress, finding a accountability partner and getting the F going. You know the drill. Using your brain to support your hands will strengthen increase your chances of succes. Remember, hard work is a good thing.