Everything is preparation for tomorrow

day 29

Since as long as I can remember, I have felt this restlessness that today is only a preparation for tomorrow. And in a way, I might be right. Because everything you learn today can be used as input for tomorrow. But I bet that not many people have told you that you are never done learning. Because we have been tricked into believing otherwise, and that's been hindering our growth. 


Let's take your time at the university or any formal education. You begin this period of four to five years in the high hopes that you would be done with learning and be ready for the world. Or at least provide you with the right knowledge and skills to get a decent job. If you been through this, you know it couldn't be farther from the truth. The expectation that you are done after university is one big illusion, it's only the beginning. It's the same with getting your drivers license. Not until after you get out on the road alone will you learn how to drive safely. In both situations your official graduation paper is only the start of your true learning period. 

So what happens after we graduate from university or driving school? We start enthusiastic but get quickly disappointed by reality. It's not that easy to get a decent job and were are far from ready for real work. Energy gets wasted, people get stuck in a safe job or in the worst case get depressed. All because the general believe is that you have finished instead of just come at the starting line. It's just so stupid and dumb. 


So don't get tricked into thinking that you are ever done with learning. That you are 'ready' for what lies ahead. That you have all that it takes to succeed. That a piece of paper is a recipe for whatever you want out of life. It's not. You are never ready, done or fully prepared. Everything you learn, do or say is a preparation for tomorrow. It's a mindset for growth that will serve you for a lifetime which is worth way more than four years of formal education. Keep on learning. 

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