Environment matters big time

day 67

Do you know where you work the hardest? Where everything just seem to click and your work comes naturally? Where you don't have to think about what or how to do, but just do? Yeah, me neither. Until recently I had no clue where my magic spot would be. But it turnes out that my working space has a big impact in my overall productivity, succes and wellbeing. 


The physical place of where you work determines a big part of your success. Seemingly small difference in lighting and temperature have a big impact in your productivity and wellbeing. In fact, these two factors are the biggest influencers. After that comes the background noise, distracting stimuli and other people in the same room. But here's the catch, its different for every person. Some may love big and noisy co-working spaces, while other - like myself - prefer a small room and just a couple of collegeas. Not just the physical characteristics are import, but also the people who work in close proximity. If everyone is focused, it's very hard to be wasting your time on youtube. It raises your standards which is the biggest succes hack off all time. 


You have to discover for yourself what your magic spot is and decide you want to work there. This can take quite some time to find out, but go with your gut if it's hard. Although it's a small investment in time, energy and maybe money beforehand it will pay off big time. Because your magic spot will allow you to produce your best work. Although succes always come from within, your environment will help you get it out. So don't accept your environment, but make it work for you.