4 reasons being an entrepreneur is Awesome

day 46

Being an entrepreneur is just awesome. I've flirted with it for some time before making the leap to fulltime. I have no regrets what so ever since I started. My life really became better. So why would you might consider starting as an entrepreneur? The reasons are different for everyone, but it all comes down to these four categories.


With hard work, smart thinking and a bit of luck you can make your first 1000 euro. With more discipline, focus and some help can you make a decent living. But the best feeling is that people will pay for the something you came up with. Priceless. 


You can - and will - decide on everything in your business. What you do, where you do it and with whom. Everything. All this freedom also means a lot of responsibility. This is scary in the beginning but will evolve into more freedom. Because if you take care of business, your business will take care of you. 


Your personal development curve is huge. You have to learn new skills, gain more knowledge and fail more than you can image. It's an adventure in which you learn a lot about yourself, what work means to you and how you want to live your life. But above all, it provides the best place for your passions, talents and dreams to grow. 


Last but not least. The essence of entrepreneurship is helping other people with their problems, challenges and wishes. Your job is to figure out a way to make this overlap with your expertise which leads to having an enormous impact in other people's life. Besides money, you will experience a lot of happiness and meaning in return. 

The impact on your and other people's life is huge. It's the biggest challenge I've ever started, one that never stops. But it's awesome if you get the hang of it.