Press here to continue

I'm here to make a confession. I haven't been writing as much as I would have liked in the last five months. To be precise, there were only two blog posts. *Oops* I don't want to blame it on "I've been busy". Because although that's true it isn't an excuse. There are a couple of other reasons but those are not really interesting to our story. What IS interesting is why and how I'm here. Because sometimes life is a game - in which you can just continue after a 'game over' - and you should just give it another go until you complete the next level. 


What happened yesterday, is in the past. Don't let fear or doubt stand in your way. If there is something you desperately want, you should go for it. You decide what happens today and tomorrow. I don't want to sound to much like a prophet, but you are in control of your own destiny. Giving up is always worse than continuing with doubts. Will I make it for a year? Don't know yet. Does it matter? Not really. I'm here not to doubt myself, I'm here to create my own life. For which I'll sometime fail miserable. But I never want to quitte, I'll just press continue.


So as off today, I'm continuing on my yearlong writing quest. My commitment is posting a short blogpost everyday on weekdays. The topics will be wider then before and will include: Life, business, psychology, creating, personal development, and other random topic. Just about anything which I find interesting will fly. If you share my enthusiasm, you are allowed to subscribe to my Saturday Dispatch with a short overview of this weeks blogpost delivered to your inbox.