Considerations - Self Knowledge

This is the moment where we dive deeper into the realm of impact. I'll start with some considerations of theme's and factors which I think have the most impact in the life of a Young Professional. These are not grounded in any research and stories except my own. These considerations can be seen as a ingredients from which later on I'll mix the ultimate potion of Impact... Anyway, I should define the word Impact so we have a common understand of what we're talking about. That's for later, let's now focus shortly on the one factor that I've been talking - and dare I say, preaching - about for the last couple of years: Self Knowledge. 


I almost can't start my pleading about self knowledge without referring to the famous and much used so called "quote" of one Socrates: "Know Thyself". Always get's me wondering if Socrates knew that one day his brain farts would be used as fodder for unimaginative introductions of blogs, chapters and books. Might be so, he was quite wise, but I digress. Self Knowledge is very powerful it seems to me, as it has brought me much needed clarity in times of confusion. That's to say, if you are pondering about the question: Why should I worry about making an impact when I don't even know what I'm good at?", obtaining more self knowledge is a great start. Not only that, it will provide you with a solid foundation from which you can grow your impact to blistering heights. Therein lies the power of self knowledge. It will provide an anchor point for all great things to come..I hope. 


As with a lot of good things in life, it takes two to tango. Knowledge, being self knowledge or world knowledge, should always be paired with some action. To test your hypothesis or considerations - how meta is this! - the rubber needs to meet the road. Without action there is no impact just thoughts. Although I love day dreaming as much as the next person, progress is hard to find. I don't know how many metaphors I need to come up with, but the preceding would seem sufficient. I suspect I'll come back to this consideration much more later on. But for now, onwards! 

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