Build your own bridge

day 69

Five years ago I fell into a black hole. It was called graduation. It begin with a short and sweet victory of finally finishing my thesis. Followed by a period a slow but steady decline into the abyss called 'worklessness'. This was not fun. In my search for meaningful work I was constantly amazed by the lack of quality of available help provided by the 'responsible' initiatives. In my small but intens experience I've noticed they just missed the point. Not one for lack of improvement, I thought I could do better. Which I did. 


So I began researching better methods. Start talking to other people who had the same experience. Read a lot of books. Learned the right mindset, goals and strategies. Start applying it to my own life. Experimented with half a dozen approaches until it worked. Guess what, it worked. I improved my life for the better and found meaningful work. But this would not have happened if I just accepted the situation. No I saw that I could better, and I did. This proactive approach didn't just helped me, but also others. 


Because I had build a bridge for myself, other could also use it to cross the same gap. What a concept. This almost selfless initiative to improve my own life slowly transformed into something collective. This unexpected but valuable turn of events taught me an important lesson. If you think you can do things better: Start building or search for someone who already did. Your life will be so much better.