Why books rock

day 35

Reading books is one of my favorite things in the world. I love the smell of a new book, the way it crips and folds perfectly back into place. I can really appreciate the heart and hustle it takes to publish a book after writing my own book. Such a emotional and intellectual challenge. I read a lot more books after getting a kindle, but missing the feel of book paper. There is one thing that always stays the same: books rock. 


We get bombarded with messages that we should eat healthy, work out and sleep well. But what about our minds? What they really need - besides all of the above - are really good books. Books are power food for you brain, but better. In reading a book you immerse yourself in the thoughts, stories and insights of a writer. Even though I prefer non-fiction above fiction, both will serve you well in your personal development. If you take the energy to learn from them consciously your growing curve will speed up even faster, but just taking them in will lead to more brainpower. 


You should read more books, more consistently. Your body will decay without food and eventually die, and so will you brain without books. Even though you can technically survive without them, you won't grow let alone thrive. Books are the easiest, most cost effective and interesting way to learn about yourself and the world. They are widely available, suited for everyone and can be your compagnon in any of life's adventure's. They simply rock, so read more! 

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