A/B test your life

day 37

Are you having trouble deciding what to do with your life? Are you in constant anxiety that you are making the wrong choice? You are not alone. So many members of superheld.nu are having this feeling, and why shouldn't they. Life is overwhelming, there are so many choices and then you have the fear of missing out on something better. But this paralyses us, prevents us from growing and taking action. So in the end we don't choose and stay where we are, which is exactly the opposite of what you wanted in the first place. So how do you overcome this obstacle? 


Life is like trying out new shoes, you first have to put them on to see how they fit. You can never know before hand what it will be like. Experience will give you the proof you need before committing. How many shoes, shirts or pants do you try on before buying? Most of the time it will only be two pieces for me personally, but don't get me started on some other people. But why do we go shopping for something insignificant as clothes, but don't take this same approach in life. 


Now maybe we can't try on 10 different pieces of life, but two should be more than doable. You are not committing to anything yet, gain a whole lot of experience and can decide later. The best part is you can make this happen at the same time or right after each other, whatever you fancy. In business that's called A/B testing, putting two different pages in front of visitors to see which converts better. Apply it to your life. The funny thing is, when you look back in a couple of years on those choices, you can see how similar they actually were. You realize that the path didn't matter, only the journey did.