A significant or strong influence; an effect


Let's get on the same page. Before we talk about impact as the main subject of this book we need to define it. Now, I don't want to get all this-is-what-wikipedia-claims on you. I figure a short metaphor from my point of view will do just fine. But on the other hand, I think impact can be regarded as its on character so to speak. Since it has a certain uniqueness to it, subtle changes over time which lead to the development of a great storyline. But let's not get to metaphysical about it. Here is what I view as impact. 


In it's essence, making an impact is one one thing has an effect on something else. When two objects collide, they make an impact on each other. This may be positive or negative, depending on the intention of the watcher. Let's say you have a billiard ball rolling along the table towards another ball. If your shot was good, the 8 ball will go in the corner pocket and you win. If your shot was off, the ball will bounce of the corner and your lose the match. But either way, the effect - and impact - is there once you hit the cue ball. 


It's easy to see how the right intention can not always lead to the desired effect. In other words, making an desired impact is harder than it looks and even slight deviations are the difference between good and bad. Therein lies the rub. Just like a character can be regarded as good or bad depending on your point of view, making the right impact can be hard to do and depends on more than just your wish. That's why we need some guidelines on how to behave. On how to subtly navigate this interesting potential we all have, but not always fulfill. Or maybe, maybe, it leads us to the dark side...

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