A dual edged sword

For the last days I've been wondering about what Impact really is and how to define it. I've done my best a couple of days ago, but felt something was missing. And it does, because I never discussed how Impact can be applied to everyday life. So I want to continue my hypothesis. My main concern is that Impact can be both about the process and the result. Let me explain. 


It would almost be sufficient to claim that both are related to impact and be done with it. But let not make it too easy on myself, because the question 'how' still remains. Impact as a result is best described as an positive effect on the recipiënt. Something mostly intangible which produces a valuable effect. Let's take this blog for example. I create a post which you the reader hopefully find meaningful. As a result you'll maybe, just maybe, change your mindset. Or maybe you'll get inspired enough to start your own blog. Or maybe you forget about it the minute you finish it, until half a year later when some insight suddenly hits you. Either way, I've made a big or small impact for which I'm grateful. But most of all it's and effect, an end result for someone else. At the same time there are factors which create an impact for the process of creating this blog. Like setting a daily commitment, hitting publish and my fingers going over the keyboard. All these small factors are having a an impact on my process, instead of someone else his or her result. On a deeper level, one finished blog post can be both an end result for me today, but part of process for a whole book. If you are still following me, great. 


I hear you thinking. "Great discussion, but what the h*ck am I supposed to do with all this infinite knowledge about Impact?" I really don't know yet, somewhere it all will come together to form a cohesive and applicable story. But for now I'm still in brain dump mode. And for me that's both part of the process and result. I'll leave you with that.

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