The first 20 hours


Have you ever wanted to start a business? Write a book? Learn a new language? We all have at some point, but were held back by fears. It's big, complicated and such a hassle. So I better not. Maybe next year, I guess? But in the back of your mind you know you are never going to start, because why would next year be different than this year? But, what if you would just focus on the first 20 hours?


Let's say you want to write a book in 20 hours. If you start to overcome your limiting the believe that it's impossible you will be amazed. First determine your goal and break it down. On average a non fiction book is about 50k words and 30 chapters, but half of that will do just fine. Second, use the right strategies. Decide on a topic and write the headlines first. Who said you had to write all the words, you can speak much faster. So record a chapter, let someone else transcribe it and continue until done. Plan five hours to revisited, outline and manage the details. I'm more than confident that's possible in 20 hours. 


If you not commit to the first 20 hours, you will never succeed. Remember you don't need perfect, you need done. Believe it's possible and get going. Make it simple and concrete. But be aware, after your first succes you want to keep going! Good luck. 

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