Hey. I'm Justin Junier.

I see live as an everyday adventure. I believe that work is place to develop yourself. A medium to express your unique value to the world. So you will experience more satisfaction, meaning and happiness in return. As you might have noticed, I'm writing in english although I'm 100% dutch (read why). 

My work life. 

Half a year after graduating in Psychology and a lot of unsuccessful job interviews I decided to 'do my own thing' and started my first company. A lot of enthusiasm, money and a year later I put my dream on hold because I had no idea what I was doing. 

A couple years of experimenting, parttime jobs and some soul-searching further I started my second company Superheld.nu. I took it serious, worked my ass off and learned as much as I could. After two years we are with a team of five Superhero and aim to help 1000 Young Professionals discover what they want and find Awesome Work. 

This never has been about the money, but more about a confirmation that it was possible to live off your passion, idea or dream. I quit my parttime job and went fulltime. I got more freedom, could create awesome courses and help people create a lasting change at the same time. 

In 2013 I contributed to the book 'Business Model You'. After getting my feet wet, I wanted more and decided to write my own book. With a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm I now write and speak about personal development as a profession, with a focus on Young Professionals. In the meantime I run Superheld.nu, a personal development membership site for young professionals. For business inquiries please visit Youngprofessional.training.

New book.

I'm currently working on a new book. I share everything, both process and content, on this blog. 


Born in 1986 in The Hague (the Netherlands), grew up in Zoetermeer and stayed in Leiden after my master Applied Cognitive Psychology. I'm a (not so) secret introvert, born world improver (I hope) and get easily excited about cool projects. You can always wake me for peanutbutter sandwiches, a game of basketball or hanging out with friends. I'm convinced everyone has some value to offer in this world. 


Sometimes, people find it interesting what I say or do. Like this interview, or this one, or this one. Also, I like to wave my arms when speaking and sometimes give a party. 


In the past years, I've personally worked with 200+ Young Professionals on the topic of personal development. Also, I've had the privilege of working together in speaking or workshop settings with the following companies, including but not exhaustive: Leiden University, National Comite  4&5 May, Ministery of Security and Justice, TOPdesk, Woonbron, 4 Young People, NVP, De Betekenaar, etc. 

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